Axe Valley Academy

Staff List

Senior Staff
Mrs L Jenkins Headteacher
Mr P Wilson Deputy Headteacher
Mr K Cumming Assistant Headteacher
Miss J Lomax Business Manager
Mr J Scott Assistant Headteacher
Mrs E Ward Year Leader for Years 10 & 11
Year Leaders
Mr R Carr Year Leader for Year 7 (Transition)
Mr G Horn Year Leader for Years 8 & 9
Mrs E Ward Year Leader for Years 10 & 11
English Department
Mr P Sanghera Subject Leader
Mrs W Brown Assistant Subject Leader
Mrs R Matravers-Broome Class Teacher
Mrs L Male Class Teacher
Mrs E Ward Year Leader for Years 10 & 11
Mr M Brown Librarian  
Mathematics Department
Mr I Leach Subject Leader
Mrs S Del’Nero Assistant Subject Leader
Mr R Carr Year Leader for Year 7 (Transition)
Miss M Cleare Class Teacher
Miss D Coghlan Class Teacher
Ms L Marchant Class Teacher
Mrs P Trueman Maths Teaching Assistant  
Science Department
Mrs E Bishop Subject Leader
Mr R Watts Assistant Subject Leader
Mrs K Angel Class Teacher
Mr A Bennett Class Teacher
Mrs L Jenkins Headteacher
Mrs V Madgin Class Teacher
Mr P Wilson Deputy Headteacher
Mr P Smith Senior Science Technician  
Mr S Cox Science Technician  
Certificate of Personal Effectiveness
Mrs N Rutherford Class Teacher
Creative Arts Faculty
Mr R Selby Faculty Leader
Mrs J Moran Class Teacher
Mr S Petty Class Teacher
Miss G Roberts Class Teacher 
Mr J Jevons
Geography Department
Mr D Perks Subject Leader
Mr G Horn Year Leader for Years 8 & 9
Mr J Ward Class Teacher
Health and Social Care
Mr J Ward Class Teacher
History Department
Mr M Irvine Subject Leader
Mr R Knott Class Teacher
Language Department
Mrs N Flynn Subject Leader
Mr E Bugler Class Teacher
Mrs L Sheen Class Teacher
Physical Education Department
Mr D Owen Subject Leader
Mrs C Baker Class Teacher
Mr J Scott Assistant Headteacher
Miss J Waller PE Coach
Mr J Ward Class Teacher
Religious Education Department
Mr S Pillay Subject Leader
Technology and Computing Faculty
Miss F Mimpriss Faculty Leader
Mrs K Aplin Class Teacher
Mr A Bates Class Teacher
Mr K Cumming Assistant Headteacher
Mrs N Burns Technology Technician  
Learning Support Department
Mrs G Cooper SENDCO
Mrs T Tresserras Assistant SENDCO
Mrs E Collins Intervention Co-ordinator
Ms J Govier Teaching Assistant  
Mrs M Steven Teaching Assistant  
Miss J Stockton Teaching Assistant  
Mr R Turner Teaching Assistant  
Mrs S Vickery Teaching Assistant  
Pastoral Support Team
Ms Y Ashby Pastoral Support Co-ordinator (Y7 Transition)
Mrs C Horwood Pastoral Support Co-ordinator (Y8 & Y9)
Mrs S Tregale Pastoral Support Co-ordinator (Y10 & 11)
Support Staff
  Student Office Administrator  
Mrs L Cox Data Administrator  
Mrs H Doyle Receptionist  
Mrs L Ford Headteacher’s PA
Mr I Heywood Health & Safety Officer  
Mrs S Higgs Exams Officer
Mrs L Jackson Inclusion and Attendance Officer
Mrs M Lowe Finance Officer  
Mr B Margetts Groundsman  
Ms J Parker Senior Network Technician  
Mr C Raison Caretaker  
Mr S Roberts Maintenance  
Mrs G Rood Receptionist  
Mrs N Rutherford Cover Supervisor  

If you are unable to locate the email address for the staff member you require the please direct your enquiry to or use one of the alternative contact methods listed.

General contact and queries:

Telephone: 01297 32146 (reception or Lucy Ford, PA to the Headteacher)
Fax: 01297 35851