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Catch-up Premium

Catch-up Premium

Year 7 Catch Up Premium 2017-2018

The total income for the Y7 Catch Up Premium for 2017-2018 was £18,806. Students eligible for the Y7 Catch Up Premium were allocated a place on the Springboard Programme and the funding was used to support an intensive catch up intervention programme with a literacy, numeracy and self-esteem focus run by Ms Stockton. Springboard is a positive way to encourage and support students requiring a more tailored literacy and numeracy curriculum. This prepares students for Academy life, boosting their confidence & supporting them in better access to the curriculum. This funding is used to employ a specialist teacher to focus on the needs of Year 7 students below national expectations in literacy and numeracy and supports other additional audits. Students are selected using primary data, base line tests, decoding, and spelling results and screening scores. They follow an intensive programme in a small class including Precision Instruction Reading, Lexia and Hegarty. Other additional interventions include Special Examination Access Screening, speech, language and communication work, extraction and support in The Hub, in class support and reading groups.


Improved reading and spelling ages for Year 7 students have been recorded as follows in the last year

  • Students in Springboard have collectively increased their reading age by 21 years and 3 months.
  • Academic progress in English in Springboard has increased by 18 sub levels.
  • Spelling ages have improved in total by 10 years for students in Springboard.

Developement Plan – Catch-up Premium 2018-19