Axe Valley Academy

First Day Arrangements, September 4th 2019

Year 7  Students should make their way to the main school hall where you will be met by Mr Carr and then collected by their tutor.

All other years should make their way to their tutor groups for 8:45am so they can receive their timetables and the programme for the day will be explained.

Year 8 TutorsTutor groupRoomNotes
Mr Irvine8MIH1
Mrs Collins8ECA4Formerly 7JS
Mrs Mimpriss8FMT3Formerly 7LR
Mrs Brown8WBA6


Year 9 TutorsTutor groupRoomNotes
Mr Watts9RWD1
Miss Coghlan9DCC5
Mr Tolley9CTC10Formerly  8JD
Mr Pillay9SMPC9


Year 10 TutorsTutor groupRoomNotes
Mrs Barker10JBB3Formerly 9JF
Mrs Bishop10EBD4
Mr Petty10STPB4Formerly  9CB
Ms Thomas Davies10FTDA7Formerly  9TD
Mr Ward10JWB2


Year 11 TutorsTutor groupRoomNotes
Mrs Del’Nero11SDC6
Mr Brookman11MBRA5
Mr Perks11DPC7
Mrs Flynn11NFL1
Mr Palmer11BPC1