Axe Valley Academy

Year 7's Settling In

JOsborneThe new year 7 students have made a fantastic start to life at the College. They make a really positive addition to the school, wearing their uniform with pride and trying hard in all their new lessons. They seem to be really enjoying the new challenges in class and making new friends.”
Mrs Jo Osborne,
Year 7 Leader

‘It is really good being at this school. It is really welcoming here.’ ‘I like there being lots of classes with new subjects to learn.’ Katherine and Talia, year 7s.

y7-1‘I like learning and making new friends. Art is really fun- I liked being able to draw loads of things all about me’. Freya, year 7.

‘I feel like I’ve settled in quickly to my new school even though I was a bit nervous at first. I came from a small village primary school and have made more friends here in the first week. I really enjoy lessons and get support from my teacher when I’m not sure of something’.Alfie, year 7.y7


“It is a delight to see how well our new year 7 students are settling in to school life here.”
Mr Steve Green