Axe Valley Academy

THG Music

ASPIRE Music students were welcomed to Thelma Hulbert Gallery this week. They joined artist Michael Fairfax to create sound instruments from cherry wood. They created ear harps in the natural form of the wood, whittling the branches to create their instrument which they then played and heard by putting them to their ears.  You can see from the student’s comments that the day was enjoyed by all. 

“It was a really fun workshop! I enjoyed every minute” 

“It made me think about the tone of the notes and how the wood changed the sound as I put it to my ear.” 

“Michael ran a great workshop which helped me to explore music in a new and unusual way.” 

The sound instruments together with sound recordings, videos and paper lines will be included in Part 2 of this exhibition (23 May – 20 June) when the students can see their own works exhibited alongside those of the artists and other community groups and visitors.

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