Axe Valley Academy

Thelma Hulbert Art Gallery

On Wednesday 4th March ASPIRE Arts students in years 9 and 10 have been invited to take part in Justin Quinnell’s photographic workshop at the Thelma Hulbert Art Gallery in Honiton. The gallery currently has a Karl Blossfeldt exhibition running and the workshop will tie in with this as the students get the chance to make a 6 month exposure pinhole camera and learn about experimental photography along the way.

LSlade 1 

Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932) is regarded as one of the
photographers of the 20th Century for his
exceptional contribution to art through his intricate
botanical photographs. During his career spanning
over three decades, Blossfeldt developed homemade
cameras and lenses which enabled him to magnify
his subjects up to 30 times. In doing so he revealed
the microcosmic aesthetic and underlying structures
of nature, which until then remained unexplored.

THG in partnership with Hayward Touring presents 40
photogravures from 1932, edited by the artist and
published in the year of his death. The exhibition is an
opportunity to witness an exemplary set of Blossfeldt’s
signature close-up images of plants and flora.