Axe Valley Academy

Student Union

AxeUS is the Axe Valley Union of Students.  

All students are welcome to become involved with AxeUS. Each tutor group will nominate at least 2 representatives to attend these meetings and then to give feedback to the tutor group.  

Students are able to discuss matters concerning them or put ideas forward for improvements, with facilities procedures or delivery of learning materials.  Every 2 weeks AxeUS will meet with Mr Holland. 

A new President and vice President is elected by the student body in June.  Each new team will create their own manifesto to improve student facilities and experiences.  

The election of the President and Vice-President of AXEUS, the Sixth Form Student Union, have been held this week.   

The campaign trail began a few weeks ago and has culminated in presentations and question and answer sessions with the incoming Year 12 and the present Year 12.  The candidates were Tom, Poppy, Matthew, Daniel and Ben. 

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DSC_00381 DSC_00411  

All of candidates fought strong campaigns and issues ranged from teaching and learning, charity work, the role of sixth formers in the wider community, common room and car parking.

Using a preference voting system, students secretly cast their vote.  The winner, in a close run contest, was Matthew and becomes President with immediate effect.  Poppy was elected as Vice President.

The campaign was a good humoured and professional campaign from all of the candidates.  

Matthew (gaining 42% of the vote) said “I am thrilled to represent my peers in such an important role.  I would like to thank my fellow candidates for their hard-fought but fair campaign.  I am really looking forward to working with the new Year 12s and building bridges with them.”

Poppy (gaining 18% of the vote) said “I am disappointed not to win the election.  However, finishing second and becoming Deputy is still a great honour.  I hope the other candidates play an active role in AXEUS in the coming year and help Matthew and me to improve all matters sxith form at Axe Valley”.

I look forward to working with the President Vice-President and AXEUS on a wide range of materials.

The Common Room was given a minor face-lift whilst students were on their work experience week.  Evie Franklin said “it flows much better now.  It is more practical and enables us to independently study easier.”  Paige Evis added “it is much more inviting.”  Presidential candidate, Matthew Mortimer, prior to the election result confidently commented “I am looking forward to further improve the common room when elected to lead my follow sixth formers”.