Axe Valley Academy

Academic Support

Subject staff support students on a daily basis and use a Monitoring and Intervention Framework to highlight students that are under-performing as well as over-performing.   

Letters recognising students who are on or exceeding their target are sent by subject teachers. 

Subject teachers will discuss with under-performing students their concerns. Phase 1 intervention will be reported home.  If no progress is seen within an agreed time frame, the Subject Leader becomes involved.  The student’s mentor is informed. 

The Subject Leader Phase 2 intervention stage involves parents being asked to a subject meeting to discuss issues.  The student’s mentor is informed.  Removal from the course is the ultimate sanction.  However, this decision will only be made in consultation with the student, parents and Mr Owen (Year 12 & 13 Leader).  Again if no improvement is seen within the agreed time frame, Phase 3 is entered.  

At Phase 3, Mr Owen will chair meetings with all stakeholders.  Failure to meet action points may lead to a student being asked to leave the sixth form.   

At all stages of intervention, action points can be both for the student and for teachers.  The primary aim of the intervention is to help the student get back on target.   

Academic and well-being mentoring is offered by the mentor on a rota system half-termly ensuring any action points can be addressed swiftly