Axe Valley Academy

Recycling Project to Raise Funds for College

The PTFA is working with M J Bowers and ARC Charity shop in Axminster on a recycling project to raise money for the College. We would like all students and staff to bring in unwanted textiles. Key information is below:

What counts as ‘textile’ for this scheme?

  • Clothes
  • Shoes (in pairs)
  • Bags & belts
  • Bed linen
  • Curtains
  • Towels

Textiles should be clean, but otherwise any condition will do. Bowers sort the textiles into different grades for different purposes. ARC will take some items for sale in their charity shop.

When and where?
Textiles may be brought into College all of next week (4 – 8 Feb) and up to Monday morning 11 February. A space will be allocated at the back of the hall where bags can be left. Bowers will be collecting the bags from us on 11 February.

How much money can we raise?
We will be paid £6 per 10kg bag. (We have been given special large bags to transfer donations into.) If we fill just 200 bags of 10Kg, we will raise £1,200. Some of the money raised will be going to the English Department to bring in authors to run workshops and for a sports writing initiative. There should be money left over for departments to apply for. If the tutors of any one department can show that they have got their tutor groups to bring in a significant amount of bags, the PTFA have said they will look favourably on distributing funds accordingly. If this project is successful, we will look to run it again.