Axe Valley Academy

Preparation for Year 11 Exams

Please find attached a summary of the Year 11 exams, revision events and PEP talks between May and July. 

JUNE 2015 GCSE exams including WTMs
Letter to Parents re Year 11 Exams 2015
Letter to Students re Year 11 Exams 2015

The revision events are limited to English, Math and Science (and some RE) as these are whole year-group exams. These are compulsory for all students and will focus on providing students with an intensive revision programme on the eve of the exam. They will be lead by their class teacher and will take place in their normal classroom. Please note that there will be a wide range of other revision events taking place which are organised for after school and lunchtimes.  

PEP talks are short, motivational sessions on the day of the exam, just before they enter the exam hall. These will take place in their normal classroom, unless the teacher notifies them otherwise. Again, these are compulsory for all students.  

By now Year 11s should be entering a focused period of revision at home to compliment the work that is taking place in college. Every student is different but it would be reasonable expect a minimum of x2 40min sessions each week night and more at the weekend. This is essential if students are to achieve their targets.  

Quick reminder: each subject has produced a useful revision guide with detailed guidance on content and techniques for each paper. These can be found on the college web site (Students / Year 11 / Document Library). You will also be aware that we have recently launched GCSEPod. This provides excellent revision materials for all GCSEs that students can access from their PC, tablet or phone.  

We are delighted with the focus that Year 11 are beginning to show. The majority of students are working incredibly hard. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to support your son / daughter over the coming weeks.  

Best wishes

Martin Smith