Axe Valley Academy

Please support St Petrock's this Christmas

Year 9 Students are currently completing the topic ‘Religion and Equality’. My Year 9C group approached me asking me if they could do something for an organisation for Christmas. They said, “Because we are studying about Equality can we not make other people’s Christmas a special one?”

I know in the past we have supported a women’s shelter.  However, that organisation has been taken over and they do not take any donations, so we have decided to support ‘St Petrock’s’.

St Petrock’s is an Exeter based charity helping people who are homeless, or vulnerably housed, lead more settled and fulfilling lives.  From the resource and training centre in Cathedral Yard, they offer a range of emergency support, accommodation, prevention and educational services aimed to assist individual clients back into healthier and more positive lifestyles.

St Petrock's

It would be greatly appreciated if you could please help with any form of donation. I know it has been a tough year, but one item can make a HUGE difference to someone this Christmas.  There will be a box in the Main Office.

They accept the following items: food donations, Men’s socks and underwear, Men’s jeans (smaller waist sizes ideally), Men’s boots, Sleeping bags, Rucksacks, Dog leads, Vacuum Flasks and any other items would be more than welcome. (even a can of baked beans!).

Many thanks.  Mr S Pillay, RE Teacher