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The college is about to begin a 12 month trial of the revision and homework package “I am learning”. “I am learning” is a games based revision and assessment system which we hope will engage learners and support revision, study, knowledge consolidation, assessment and exam practice both in and outside of school.

The aim is that this will further complement existing homework and revision tasks to enable students to raise their results, see how well they are doing in particular topics and ultimately achieve better levels in their examinations. Students that have already trialled the package (in class) have enjoyed the experience.

Students can access the revision exercises at any time by clicking on the computer on the desk (shown below) and then select the task they wish to complete; homework that has been set can be accessed by clicking on the calendar on the wall.

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How to log on to I am learning


Website: www.iamlearning.co.uk
School ID: AVEX13 
User Name: First name + Surname (all one word) e.g.   YvettewatsonTake care to use your full First name for example, if your name is Thomas but you are known as Tom you will need to use Thomas to work out your username.
Password: Your Date of Birth (format ddmmyyyy) e.g. 04072001