Axe Valley Academy

Maths Workshop – Wednesday 20th May

On Wednesday 20th May, ASPIRE Maths students in year 7 and 8 were “Giving Geometry a Work Out”, as they took shapes and stretched, turned, flipped or warped them.   They looked at what kinds of transformations they could inflict on a rhombus without destroying its “rhombus-identity”?

Ms Cleare helped them use the ancient Greek ideas of ruler and compass construction, to CONSTRUCT maths shapes using dynamic geometry PC software. All the shapes produced could flex when they were finished which enabled the students to investigate geometrical freedoms and constraints.  Prizes were awarded to Issy Coman, Simon Herbert and Harriet Coley with special thanks to year 10 student Georgina Ashwell for her help with the workshop.

Issy and Samedi Issy Coman
Harriet Coley Simon Herbert