Axe Valley Academy

Languages in Action

In the last few weeks the ASPIRE Languages in Action Arabic classes have been enjoying a game or two of bingo as the students learn their Arabic numbers from zero to ten.  The class held a competition to read out all the numbers in Arabic with no prompts or written help, the winners were Alex Ball and Robin Ellis, well done to them both.  The students now know the Arabic alphabet and general greetings and have learnt to write their names.  On 26th February they listened to a talk by Exeter Language School student Sophie Roberts who talked about her amazing year in Egypt.  The students had lots of questions for Sophie about the culture, religion and dress code of the country and where else in the world Arabic is spoken.  Please note there will be no Arabic class on Thursday 5th March due to the Macbeth trip.

 Playing Bingo 2a  Robin Ellis and Alex Ball a