Axe Valley Academy

Languages in Action launch

Thursday nights are language night for ASPIRE this spring with the first set of ASPIRE – Languages in Action classes being held.  ASPIRE have joined with Exeter University languages department and ASPIRE students in years 7, 8 and 9 are taking part in a 10 week Arabic course.  Feedback after the first class this week was extremely positive and students were asking about chance in the future for taster workshops in Russian and Japanese!

Elwin Moss (8NFL) said, “It was a very good start to the course, I learnt lots of new Arabic letters and I found it quite easy to learn.  I liked working with the older students from Exeter University.”

David Carr (8NFL) commented, “A great first night, I liked the teacher, she got a lot done in the lesson and it was well paced so I understood it.  The students from the university were great when I got stuck.  I am definitely looking forward to next Thursday.”