Axe Valley Academy

Languages in action - Arabic Celebration Event

The Institute of Arab & Islamic Studies recently marked its ‘Languages in Action’ collaboration with the Axe Valley Community College ASPIRE team with a celebration event that took place on Thursday 26th March. 

High-achieving ASPIRE students in years 7, 8 and 9 have been studying basic classes in ‘Mastering Arabic’ over a 10-week period as an after-school language option. These sessions culminated in a special celebratory event at Exeter University on the Streatham campus, based in the Forum and  IAIS building. 

The Celebratory event involved a final interactive classroom session, a tour of the campus, an Arabic lunch provided by local restaurant Mashawi, a certificate presentation by Elaine Davies (Assistant College Manager Education) and an Arabic-themed exhibition in the Forum Street. Current students studying Arabic were able to discuss their courses and year abroad travel experiences throughout the day with the students.

This project was supported by Fatima Rawan (IAIS Lecturer), Giorgia Ferrari (IAIS, PhD TAFL student), SSIS Outreach staff and Arabic-speaking undergraduate students, who supported the weekly sessions with us in school.

“The best part of the course was learning about the wonderful language and culture of the Arabic people” – Alexandra Wilson-Newman 8MG

“I loved the language Arabic and the people were so friendly, I also loved trying the Arabic food which was delicious.  My favourite part of the course was playing bingo after we had learnt the Arabic numbers” – Isabelle Coman – 7DW

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