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The REACH Programme at TAVCC

Who can be part of REACH?
As you may know, every year the college is given additional funding for “Premium” students through a government scheme known as the Pupil Premium program. These students are selected as they have had free school meals at some stage during the last six years; are children in care; have been adopted from care (since March 2005); are the children of members of the armed forces or whose parent was a member of the armed forces less than 3 years ago.

As you can imagine this covers a broad spectrum of children who have wide ranging abilities and greatly varying personal circumstances. The College programme designed to support and achieve the best results possible for all of these children is named REACH.

The REACH Programme is an enrichment programme designed to help students maximise their potential through support, confidence and aspirational activities.

Key Stage 3 REACH (years 7, 8 & 9)
The aim for this group of students is to give them a broad range of experiences to help them to discover their interests and strengths, with a view to making the most appropriate choices for their GCSE options and to focus their ambitions in a realistic and aspiring way. We will show them a wide range of career and further education options, boost their academic and personal confidence and teach them essential study skills.

Key Stage 4 REACH (years 10 & 11)
Key stage 4 students are fast approaching their GCSE exams and our support will be focused on helping them to achieve grades in line with their targets. We will be giving them specialised training in study skills and motivational techniques as well as offering them a range of career focussed visits and workshops.


Naomi Gribler
Associate SLT
REACH Director 

Kate Pemberton
REACH Co-ordinator


  Heather Burnett
Link Governor
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As part of the programme everyone participating in REACH will benefit from:

  • Access to a dedicated co-ordinator, Kate Pemberton, who is available to students and parents to discuss any issues that may arise in confidence.
  • Access to ICT facilities and teachers’ help in supervised lunchtime study clubs every day and after school on Thursdays.
  • A supervised breakfast club each morning before school where students can complete homework; discuss any issues they may have with a teacher before lessons begin; as well as enjoy a nutritious breakfast.
  • A late bus for students leaving at 5pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to enable access to after-school clubs and activities as well as study club.
  • School equipment. A stock of basic school equipment (pens, pencils, rulers, etc.) will be available for all REACH students in Reception, if they wish to collect and use these.
  • Improved communications with parents and carers. In addition to the current reporting system we will be providing you with additional support after reports are generated when required as well as assistance with booking parents evening appointments. If you have not already done so please update your personal data form with a current email address.
  • Free music tuition.
  • Annual statement alongside the Certificate of Achievement. This statement will be a personal statement with full information about the activities undertaken as part of the REACH programme as well as input from key staff and mentors. This will be a supportive and personalised document.

The programme will also offer a series of group and optional trips, workshops and events as well as input from mentors, external educators and local businesses.
All activities will be monitored and awarded REACH points so that the progress of each student can be rewarded with prizes and awards presented at the end of the year.

At the end of the year each student will receive a personal statement from the Senior Leadership Team. This statement can be shared with future employers and higher education institutions which will provide them with a tangible record of their achievements and help them with references and recommendations. This will be accompanied by a Certificate of Achievement.

REACH points will be considered alongside their overall college conduct and their contribution to the college and wider community. At the end of the year a winner from each Year group will receive a prize and an engraved cup in Year 11.

Parents will be invited to a prize day or evening to see the students receive their recognition of achievement including pin badges, certificates and personal statements. It will also provide an opportunity to meet the REACH co-ordinator and other key people involved in the success of the programme.

All students in the REACH programme will be entitled to participate in the events below:

University Trip
This will allow students to visit a campus, meet lecturers and students and have first-hand experience of the realities and opportunities of further education at a university.

Study Skills Kick Start and Junior Time Management
Year 9 Students will be offered a specialised workshop to prepare them fully for assessments and enhance their academic performance.

Engineering Challenge Day
The aim of this challenge day is to enhancing teamwork and critical thinking skills.

English / Maths / Science Parent and student workshops
This is aimed at supporting parents in enabling their children to reach their full potential in core subjects.

Football club tour and talk
This trip will provide and inspirational and motivational opportunity to develop key personal skills.

All students in the REACH programme will be entitled to participate in the events below:

University Trip
This will allow students to visit a campus, meet lecturers and students and have first-hand experience of the realities and opportunities of further education at a university. 

Time Management and Ace your Exams
Students will be offered specialised workshops to prepare them fully for assessments, exams and enhance their academic performance. 

Engineering Challenge Day
The aim of this challenge day is to enhancing teamwork and critical thinking skills.

English / Maths / Science Revision workshops
This is to help students reach their full potential in core subjects 

Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club tour and talk
This trip will provide and inspirational and motivational opportunity to develop key personal skills.

In addition to participating in all the events that make up the blue award, students will be eligible for the silver award if they also contribute in a variety of ways below:

Challenge Days
Students will be invited to participate in after-school events according to their year group. This may be a cooking challenge, an art project, a survival skills event or a sports evening. All of these events will have a sustainability and healthy lifestyle focus.

Participation in Clubs
All students are encouraged to attend clubs and activities at school, including homework club, sports clubs, drama, music, science, IT, revision sessions, holiday revision and study skills days as well as any other college based extra-curricular activities.

Local Business Visits
We will be arranging a series of after-school visits to a wide range of local businesses to give students a flavour of the realities of different career choices.

This is principally aimed at Year 9 and Year 10 students. Younger students can choose to opt-in if they wish.

We are currently recruiting a series of coaches from the local business community. A few of these will have been invited to the launch evening and we will be inviting many more to participate over the next few months.

Coaches will be trained and fully DBS checked.

Coaches will have one-to-one or one-to-two coaching meetings with the students at pre-arranged sessions at the college either during the school day or immediately afterwards. In some cases this may be arranged with an online Skype-style meeting so that mentors can participate from further afield.

The focus of meetings will depend on the age and situation of each individual student, but will mainly concentrate on career choices, personal strengths and confidence issues. The first three meetings will be structured as follows:

First meeting – Building rapport and discussing goals

Second meeting – Action planning based on real data

Third meeting –   Exploring options and determination

After the third meeting students can choose to continue with further meetings if they wish.

The allocation of coaches will be made after an initial meet-the-coach event. The students will have the opportunity to speak to each coach and request coaches of their choice. Appointments will be set up on a half termly basis.

Comments from the mentor will be included in the personal statement at the end of the year.

Contributing to College life
There is plenty of opportunity for students to contribute to the college community including the Year 10 buddy system, Year 11 prefects and bus monitors, Year 8 pupil receptionists and for all years’ student ambassadors that help with escorting visitors and parents at the college on open days and at special events.

Charity and Fundraising
This may be done in school and out of school.

Participation in significant schemes
This could include DofE, Rotary award, Minster Challenge, and other sporting achievements (such as representing the county in a team).

Academic Success beyond expectations
This would be shown by positive value-added score in the Term 4 report card.

Anything else
If there is anything else that students would like to bring to our attention we will consider it as part of criteria for this award. 

Timetable for the Year 2015 – 2016 

Autumn Term    

October     Welcome to REACH Evening
REACH Students Introductory Assemblies 
November   Meet the Coach Evening
Talk the Talk Workshop
Study Skills Workshops
Visit to Lawyers & Law Courts 
December    Coaching Meetings
Axminster Tools & Machinery wood turning workshops
Visit to Dancewear Wholesaler & Hair Academy
Festive Creative Workshops

Spring Term      

January    Coaching Meetings
Visit to Axminster Tools and Machinery 
February     University Trips
Engineering Challenge Day
March   Coaching Meetings
Student parent workshops
Revision Workshops
Visit to Deer Park Hotel

Summer Term

April            Coaching Meetings
Visit to Trill Farm 
May    Chiefs Rugby & Football Club Visits
Visit to River Cottage 
June   Crealy & Woodlands Trips  
July    Reward trip for top participants
Award Ceremony and Prize Giving

These dates should be considered as a guide.

We are planning events to fit with the overall school calendar.