Axe Valley Academy

Policies and procedures

VLT Data Protection Policy April 2018

VLT Privacy Notice – Parents and Carers

VLT Privacy Notice – Students

Axe Valley Admissions Policy 2019

Attendance Policy Nov 2017

VLT Anti-bullying policy Jul 2017

VLT Behaviour Policy Sept 2018

Ready to Learn procedures

Bursary Fund Policy Nov 2017

Careers Guidance and Education AVA Policy Nov 2017

Charging Policy Nov 2017

Children in Care Policy Nov 2017

VLT Safeguarding Child Protection Policy Oct18

Collective Worship Policy Feb 2017

VLT Compliments Concerns and Complaints Policy Jul 2017

Drug Education and Drugs Related Incidents Policy – March 2016

Education Visit Procedures Nov 2017

Equality Policy Mar 18

Examinations Policies
* Controlled Assessment Policy Apr 2018
* Examinations Policy and Procedure Apr 2018
* Non-Examination Assessment Policy Apr 2018
* Quality Assurance Policy Apr 2018

VLT Exclusion Policy Jul 2017

VLT Finance Policy Jun 2017

Freedom of Information Scheme – June 2010

Health & Safety Policy – Nov 2016

Homework Policy Feb 2017

Intimate Care Policy Feb 2017

Learning and Teaching Policy Nov 2017

Lettings Policy Nov 2017

Managing Unreasonable Behaviour Policy Oct 17

Mobile Phone Policy June 2018

Online Safety Policy Nov 2017

Parental Consent Protocol Nov 2017

Radicalisation, Extremism and PREVENT Nov 2017

Site Traffic Management Policy Jan 2018

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy Oct 2016

Sex and Relationships Education Policy April 2015

Student Acceptable Usage Nov 2017

Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions

Visitors Policy Jan 2018

Volunteers in School Policy Jan 2018

Work Related Learning AVA Policy Jan 2018

Parents can request a paper copy of the information on the website free of charge