Axe Valley Academy


Curriculum Time
Students are taught for 25 lessons a week – each is 60 minutes long. In addition students have a daily tutorial period (25mins).

Curriculum Structure
Our curriculum structure is designed to maximise the benefit our students obtain from the excellent teaching at the Academy. Throughout Key Stages 3 and 4 our students are supported, challenged and encouraged to do their best. Students choose their options at the end of Year 8.

Please click here to see a summary of the Academy curriculum structure for September 2018.

Key Stage 3 Setting arrangements(Years 7-8)
Broadly, we look to achieve a balance of mixed ability and set ability groupings at Key Stage 3. This is based on best practice in a number of high performing schools in the region. Our staff are highly experienced at teaching in both timetable arrangements and high expectations are set across all subject areas.


Mixed ability classes

Set ability classes

Year 7

Art, Computing, Drama, Geography, History, RE, Music, PE, and Technology (Food, Textiles, Product Design).

English, Languages, Maths and Science

Year 8

Art, Computing, Drama, Geography, RE, Music, PE, and Technology (Food, Textiles, Product Design).

English, History,  Languages, Maths and Science.

Modern Foreign Languages
In Year 7 all students will commence with French; in Years 8 able linguists will have the option to take up German as a second language. We offer both French and German GCSE in Years 9 to 11.

Key Stage 4 Setting arrangements (Years 9 to 11)


Mixed ability classes

Set ability classes

Years 9 to 11

Option Subjects and PE

English, Maths, RE and  Science.