Axe Valley Academy


Summary report of the TAVCC Governors’ meeting held on 20th October 2016

The detailed minutes of Full Governing Board (FGB) meetings are made publically available to view both on the website and in hardcopy at the school once formally approved. As Governors meet twice in the Autumn and Summer terms and once in the Spring term, this clearly incurs a delay between the meeting in question and final approval of the minutes at the following meeting.

As part of their wish to keep parents fully and promptly informed about the work of the Governing Board it has been agreed that a brief summary of the items/issues considered by Governors will be posted on the website.

At the meeting of the Full Governing Board, held on 20th October 2016, the governors considered the following items/issues:

  • Inviting/nominating people to join the GB where vacancies arise
  • To receive the Head-teacher’s report on current pupil achievement and progress towards targets, teaching, behaviour and leadership and the actions being taken to produce even further improvements.
  • Discussion of conversion of TAVCC to an academy and review of progress of the partnership with Holyrood Academy.
  • To discuss college improvement strategies including College marketing strategies and parental engagement.
  • To discuss governor skills, effective governor development and governor training.
  • To note the minutes from the governor committees –Curriculum, Learning and Teaching (CL&T) and Finance & Resources (F&R).

Details of these items will be available in the full minutes shortly after the next Full Governing Body meeting to be held on 1st December 2016, once they have been formally agreed.

Full Governors Meeting Dates for 2016/2017

Thursday 1 December 2016 
Thursday 9 March 2017 
Thursday 25 May 2017 
Thursday 13 July 2017