Axe Valley Academy

Email service update

Update 5/3/2012 09:02

All users now have access to the college email system which has now be fully restored. The email system can now be accessed via the web link from this website.

Despite the issues that arose last week we have now upgraded the email service to an improved system which has more storage capacity and is more robust.

This new email system also has additional features which will be highlighted in future updates.

Update 28/2/2012 14:20

We have now restored the college email service for college and staff email addresses by switching to a new email platform. If you have sent an email and it has been returned please re-send as this should now work.

We hope to enable Student email from Monday on the new email platform.

We will provide a further update on Monday.

Update 27/2/2012

We are currently experiencing a problem with our email service any emails sent since Sunday 26th will not have been received. We are currently working with SWGfL our Internet Service Provider and will provide an update when we have further information.