Axe Valley Academy

Arrangements for snow

During periods of extreme weather we will aim to update parents / carers through the following:

1. College Web site
During the last snow fall at the start of the month our web site crashed due to heavy traffic—hopefully this has now been rectified. If this happens please follow us on Twitter (see below)

2. Twitter (
An alternative to our web site is to go to ‘axevalleycc’ on Twitter for updates.

3. Email
Updates will also be emailed to parents / carers. If you have not had the chance to provide us with your email address then please contact college reception.

If snow forces us to close the school then this will be announced via local radio (Heart FM) as well as our college web site and twitter. A decision will be taken early (normally by 7.30am).

Safety is our number one priority. We can only open if we can provide a safe environment for students and staff. We will endeavour to stay open wherever possible, even if some bus routes are closed. Only travel to school if it is safe to do so. Students are permitted to wear extra layers of clothing and shoes / boots with extra grip on days when snow has fallen.