Axe Valley Academy

6th Formers Quotes - AS Results

p1020927“Axe Valley has equipped me with skills that are needed for life outside of the classroom as well as good grades. Through hard work, determination and guidance from the teachers I achieved good AS results which will hopefully allow me to go to my first choice university” Lucy

“I couldn’t be any more thrilled with my results and am glad to be back at Axe Valley. It’s great to be continuing on with my studies and working alongside the amazing teaching staff that we have at the school. My aim is to continue working hard at the college in order to achieve the best qualifications that I can.” Polly

“I am so happy that all my hard work has paid off, my AS grades have set me up for good A Level results, which will hopefully get me into a high performing university of my choice. “ Isabella

“I am very pleased with my results, having reached above my predicted grades in all subjects. I look forward to getting on with this last year and hopefully move on to aeronautical engineering at university.” Will

“My AS results were far better than I expected so I was really pleased with them. I am excited to start year 13 and push these grades on further with the support of the 6th form so that my grades are good enough to get me into a top university.” Steven

“I managed to achieve these results with hard work and the help from great teachers. I am happy to still learn from them this year and hope to get good results again.” Hannah

” I am overjoyed with my results as they are as good as or better than my predicted grades. I hope to continue to rely on this in the future to try and secure a place in a good university next year.” Bradley